Fuctions at a glance

Functions at a glance

An overview of CutView

Entering workpiece machining

  • Quick and easy entering of workpiece machining data using predefined machining processes and cycles for milling, turning, drilling, grinding and non-cutting processes such as threading cycles
  • Easy access to and administration of databases for materials, tools and cutting data
  • Open tool administration including complex multi-stage tools
  • Exact calculation of machining time, performance, torque and feed force
  • Flexible administration of different workpiece types (part families)
  • Machining dimensions may be entered in inches or millimetres

Rating and optimising the process

  • Easy access and administration in database for machines including extensive machine modules such as work spindles, tool changers etc.
  • Exact calculation and checking of speed, performance, torque and feed force for any exceeding of limits
  • High accuracy due to automatic determination of all machine auxiliary times such as spindle runup and tooling. A tolerance of 5% is possible
  • Suitable for all kinds of machine tools such as multi-tasking machines and production lines
  • Option to synchronise several tool carriers at a component (multi-channel machining)
  • Machine configuration and clamping may easily be changed
  • Extended evaluation documentation, e.g. evaluation reports, production line overviews, operation sequence plans etc.

More evaluations

  • CostPerPart calculation for different machining variants
  • Tool reports for documenting processes, with transfer to other systems such as SAP
  • Extensive tool and process comparisons including break-even analysis to support Sales and Distribution
  • Customer-specific adaptations, e.g output format or interfaces
  • Basis for energy efficiency analysis

Interoperability, languages, project administration

  • Standard format OpenXML (MS Excel) = neutral exchange format for third-party systems such as SAP
  • User interface and project output available in several languages
  • Translation tool for project output
  • Project research to easily find similar projects
  • Open and flexible structure allows gloabal use
  • Regulated online and offline operation with check-out and check-in functions
  • In use at many machine manufacturers, tool manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers as well as production plants and suppliers

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