Production plants (suppliers)

Manufacturers (suppliers) scenario

Task: Make a price quotation for a component

1. Find a comparable project

Research the project pool for similar projects to get a time estimation. The research comprises comprehensive criteria such as material, machine etc.

2. Enter workpiece

Enter the machining contents quickly and accurately with pre-defined machining cycles, e.g. milling a bore.

3. Determine part production time

Determine alternative part production times and piece costs for different machine and clamping configurations. The evaluation is fast and precise because auxiliary times are determined automatically and reliably.

Task: Optimise the machining process for a component in production

1. Prepare a target-performance comparison

Determine the machining contents quickly and accurately with pre-defined machining cycles, e.g. volume milling. A target-performance document facilitates entering the parameters at the machine.

2. Examine machining strategies

Examine different machining strategies for tools, machines and clamping configurations wihtout causing machine downtimes.

3. Analyse cost per part

Prepare a cost per part analysis for different processes to define the saving potential.

Task: Plan the procurement of new machines

1. Compare machine configurations

Calculate components on different machines to find the best solution or to evaluate a possible investment into a specific machine or machine type. The machine configuration can be changed easily and with a minium of effort.


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